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Jenean McBrearty welcomes you to her Other Worlds!

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          Jenean McBrearty is a graduate of San Diego State University, who taught Political Science (MA) and Sociology (MA). Her fiction, poetry, and photographs have been published in over a hundred print and on-line journals including subTerrain Magazine (#68 noire edition), Down in the Dirt Magazine, and The MOON Magazine (fiction); Lyrical Passion, 3 1/2.9 Poetry Journal, and Page & Spine (poetry); Foliate Oak Literary Journal, Off the Coast Magazine, and the American Journal of Nursing  (photography).  Her detective novel, The 9th Circle was published by Barbarian Books, YA serials Raphael Redcloak: Guardian of the Arts (chosen by the Santa Clara County Library as an on-line YA selection), and Retrolands can be found on        Her other titles, including Helmut Wolf, Tales From the German Mind, Deathly Short Stories and the Wanted Ones Volumes 1-3 (2012, 2013 & 2014), are available at and on  

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As a Donovan/O'Donnell Scholar, I can attend college classes for free and have been doing so for the past six years. I have taken psychology, accounting, police science, and on-line class curriculum design, among others. Love life-long learning!

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